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Fan Art Packs

Post by CT_Rent_Corp »

So this will be a mix of both a question and a hype session - with anticipation over the eventual release of the long awaited for Sketch Cards, which are peoples favorites based on;
1. Lore
2. Basic Idea (First Thing that Comes to your Mind when you see the name)
3. Anticipated Effects
4. Art

The names, elemental types, page typesand artists (with their Discord or Instagram names) are below. We don’t have any confirmation on their effects, so speculation is always a fun time waste!

As for the art, I don’t have it saved, but will edit this if anyone saved all 20 of the arts! 10 main pages and 10 aura (including the elusive and secretive Water Aura!)

So let’s get the hype back up for these major pieces of MetaZoo history! The first fan created pages! Hopefully they’ll be announced soon, so we can all enjoy these pieces of history, and of community!

1. Water Beastie - Altamaha-ha: Isaac Sky Lee

2. Spirit Beastie - Bloody Mary: Irene Sol Lee

3. Forest Beastie - Crosswick Monster: Avery ‘Eggs’ Gabavics

4. Frost Beastie - White Death: Boy Peculiar

5. Light Artifact - Menehune’s Hammer: Wilkins

6. Earth Beastie - Mole Person: ThePluniverse

7. Flame Spell - St. Elmo’s Fire: C.C. RentkO’Shea

8. Dark Beastie - Gallinipper: Versiris

9. Cosmic Beastie - Little Green Men: Javin Stone

10. Lightning Artifact - Tesla Coil: Spencer Smith

11. Dark Aura: BigZif (or someone else, idk)

12. Forest Aura: Sir Frogman

13. Cosmics Aura: Gabriel Martinez

14. Earth Aura: Nicolaus Gamsby

15. Flame Aura: Sir Frogman

16. Frost Aura: CurlyFury

17. Light Aura: Kohdok

18. Lightning Aura: MTELLES1

19. Spirit Aura: BigZif

20. Water Aura: C.C. RentkO’Shea
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Re: Fan Art Packs

Post by CT_Rent_Corp »

Personally, well….I’m biased :P

1. Lorewise, I’d love to see how Bloody Mary affects the game. She’s the queen of Spirits, the most well known of these fan pieces. A terror to all….she’s definitely going to shake things up. Or at least me if I have to go against her :lol:

2. Basic Idea, hands down White Death. It’s in the name - there’s a reason it’s one of the Gold Beasties. And to have that name and the elusive and fearsome Frost type….ooh it will be gorgeous looking….and probably with an overly powerful finisher attack.

3. Anticipated Effects….tough.
Menehunes Hammer sounds like it will revolve around effects similar to Menehune. So either it will help artifacts (a major plus for all dual Spellbooks), or boost menehune (a major need for the weak, light beastie who is left in the dust for its low LP and damage).
Mole People could play with Burrow more, which is always a major plus, both offensively with Earthquake, or defensively with Sink Hole Sam.
And then there is Tesla Coil… alternative way to generate power? Hard to see, but here’s hoping it curbs the strength of Lightning as is.

4. Art. Ah, and here are my biases. Gotta go to my own St. Elmo’s Fire and Water Aura. So stoked to see my watercolor skills come to life in a trading card. It’s been a dream of mine to have my own card, and I am just honored to be amongst the best of the best.
I would say this is where I’d put the others I love, but…I LOVE ALL THE OTHER WORKS EQUALLY! I just put my babies over the rest :P
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Re: Fan Art Packs

Post by marchander »

Really excited to see the art on cards.

Menehune's Hammer + Menehune = He-Man type transformation? That sounds like an interesting concept, but difficult to pull off in practice. Could likely a couple of awesome cards at Light right now and it might still struggle to be viable as a 1-type deck for a little bit. It currently feels like Light has some cards that fit into a Light theme or cards that do things that make sense from a lore perspective, but struggle to work together in the grand scheme of things.

Mole People - At least for short term playability, it would be nice if Mole People would be nice if it was a 1 cost. Earth already has a strong 2 drop in Cactus cat. There are some really interesting things going on with Earth but as a type, it isn't seeing much play at the moment. I wouldn't mind seeing lower cost Earth drops that are tanky but have lower offensive capabilities when compared to cards of the same cost of other types. Mole People sounds like it could be a Beastie Humanoid, but something that could fit into Earth well would be a 1 cost tanky Fearsome Beastie Critter that doesn't have Tribal Boost (like Joint Snake). You'd be "behind" many other 1 cost cards on turn 1 but the tradeoff would be to make Cactus Cat strong on turn 2.

Tesla Coil - pretty tricky. What do you give Lightning that doesn't widen the current power gap? It's hard to think of this in a bubble without considering other cards that other types might get. Lightning already has the Ball Lightning ramp and Shock aura to ramp. Lightning also has a lot of coin flipping with the First Strikes and paralyze effects. Something that generates multiple aura based on a coin flip? "Tesla coils, by their nature, produce electrical arcing which can travel unpredictably in any direction and can strike at considerable distances". All the coin flipping doesn't feel great (in my opinion), but it could fit into the theme.

Bloody Mary - Spirit has a notable lack of damage. There is no 4 or 5 cost card that either does a lot of damage with a base attack or improves with terra. Spirit can be a strong trait, but it isn't strong enough to warrant the low damage across the type. Again, tricky to think about when only taking into account current cards + 1 hypothetical card, but it feels like we could easily add a powerful and interesting, higher cost card without breaking the game/meta/future.

Frost Beastie - a stronger early game Frost beastie would fill some of the current gaps in Frost. Perhaps something with a very weak attack that freezes for a couple of turns. Minnesota Iceman freeze isn't long enough to be impactful early game and Snow Snake is pretty weak offensively. They both rely on a terra to have a chance against some of the other turn 1s in the game. Their traits and 4th walls don't do a ton for them in terms of board control. In a game where it is currently difficult to come back once your opponent starts to pull away in board presence, Frost, like many other types, could use a bit of a boost in this area.

Flame Spell - something that increases or doubles burn damage on target(s) until the end of target opponent's turn could be interesting. It might need to remove the burn effect after that turn or be restricted to beasties to not be too strong. This would complement Fire's existing kit.
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Re: Fan Art Packs

Post by MagusoftheBargain »

I would definitely like to see a spoiler for this and other upcoming sets posted on
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